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Unisecure Introduces High Availability Disaster Recovery Plans

Unisecure now also offers disaster recovery services in US to help enterprises in mitigating the threats of disasters and ensure business continuity.

New York, USA, 28th March 2016: Unisecure, the leading providers of affordable data center services in US has now introduced their High Availability Disaster Recovery services. The company has been consistently extending their offerings and this is the latest addition to their services.

Disasters are the unexpected events, organizations need to be ready to deal with such situations. This is only possible when they have signed up for well-devised disaster recovery services. To help the enterprises with preemptive measures to fend off the threats of natural or any other disaster, Unisecure is now offering disaster recovery solutions.

“Disasters can hit anytime but what rescues a business from critical situation is an effective disaster recovery plan and now we have it for our customers.”- said Joselin, Digital Marketing Head at Unisecure. Adding further about it, she continued- “Our disaster recovery services have been designed after a comprehensive risk-impact analysis, so they are reliable. The services will enable businesses to store their mission critical data in a virtual environment. Additionally, we are offering geo-redundant replication of data. Enterprises can replicate their data at multiple locations, across various technologies to keep them safe and secure in a fault-tolerant environment.”

Unisecure is well-known for its web hosting and data center services in US. This new addition to its range of IT services is going to help enterprises in ensuring high availability and business continuity in a cost-effective manner. Unisecure offers wide range of scalable high disaster recovery solutions that suit every budget.

“Meeting the demands and challenges of businesses in current competitive market needs an integrated approach both in terms of technologies as well as strategies. Our disaster recovery services have been devised with the same approach. Moreover, we have also run it through test environment to ascertain its effectiveness and guaranteed results for our clients.”- answered the Technical Officer of Unisecure when asked about the innovation in their services.

Traditionally, disaster business restoration have always been expensive, and solutions from unisecure will help organizations save a lot of their money. Their resilient disaster recovery services at reasonable costs shall distinguish them from others.

About Unisecure:

Unisecure is a US-based dedicated web server hosting and data center services provider with several world class datacenters in USA. Unisecure, started in 1996 and since has successfully delivered numerous projects in the areas of Data Center Services, Dedicated servers, VPS hosting, colocation, Cloud solutions and Disaster Recovery Services.

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